The snapper

I was most pleased to be honoured once again with a first place finish in the Sign Invitational this year. My competitors graciously congratulated me and then without fail, each promised to give me a much tougher run for my money - NEXT YEAR. It was to be expected. The theme for next year was announced at the show - ‘Less is MORE!’ All entries will be table top displays, with a smaller footprint, measuring a maximum of 24” x 24”. The inevitable question I heard from everyone was how would I top this year’s effort. The answer wasn’t long in coming. During a quiet time soon after, I dug my sketchbook out of my backpack and began scribbling. In a short while I had my idea for next year’s entry nailed. It would be titled ‘The snapper’ referring to an itinerant sign painter of old, who travelled from town to town painting signs. The sculpture will feature a highly detailed Model T truck with the sign painter, dressed in his finest working duds and shovel in hand, leaning up against the tailgate. His latest masterpiece is freshly installed beside him. Today, referencing those first quick sketches I did at the ISA show, I worked up the concept art which will in turn inform the dimensional piece which I will sculpt over the next months. Of course, there will be many, many more fun details which will be worked into the final sculpt. Stay tuned for a whole lot of fun…

first sketches.png
the snapper concept.png
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