Out with the old

Space has always been at a premium in our workspace. With the addition of many new and wonderful tools through the years some older ones have been relegated to the corners, and in some cases have gathered dust for a long time. One such set of tools has been especially dormant. This was a complete picture frame show, well used back in the day when I made my living doing fine art and limited edition prints. This equipment was expensive and top end at the time. It worked well and helped generate a good living for many years. When we built the new workshop and studio fifteen years ago a complete room was built to accommodate the ‘frame room’. But the reality us that has been many years since I have framed a picture and I am not likely to anytime soon. As we needed more workspace the custom workbenches I had built were dismantled and the equipment pushed even further into the corners. Last week Becke was going through the ‘frame room’ doing a deep clean. ‘The question’ came up, as it has many times previously. Was now, at last, the time to find a good home for the equipment and finally turn the page on that exciting but old chapter in my career. After some discussion we decided it was that time. Becke made some inquiries and within ten minutes we found a new home for all of that precious equipment that had served me so well. Within an hour it was carefully carted outside the shop to be picked up by a happy artist who would put it to great use. It was with a twinge of sadness I bade farewell to some old friends, ready to turn the page completely, and ready to continue our current adventure. The ‘frame room’ is no more and Becke is delighted to have much more working space in the ‘PAINT ROOM’.

framing equipment.png
Dan SawatzkyComment