First real ride

The weather was very chilly but sunny, perfect for my first real ride on the new two wheeler. I decided to go for a ride on the dyke, an easy pedal for my first time on a bicycle in at least a couple decades. My goal was to do a circle route, down the dike, crossing on the rail bridge, then down the north side of the river to the Vedder Bridge and back on the south side. The cold brisk wind was in my face on the way there but thankfully at my back on the way home. The trails were well packed gravel for the most part with a little mud and some frozen snow in places as well. The four inch knobby tires gave me a cushy ride with good traction. The trip was just over a sixteen kilometre (ten mile) drive. The electric motor assist (on low to medium settings) allowed me to maintain about a twenty kilometre an hour pace without breaking into a sweat. Now, with a little over twenty-one kilometres (thirteen miles) on the odometer the battery is still at 80%. At least until I get in bike shape I don’t think I will be able to outride the battery but I’m going to give it my best effort over the coming weeks and months.

first real ride.png
Dan SawatzkyComment