High fears

I was out for a drive yesterday with my dad and we drove by a sign we had done almost fifteen years ago. Each time I see the sign I am reminded of how tough this project was to assemble. We built the many pieces in the shop but the sign was so massive it had to be assembled piece by piece on site. The lift went well but as each portion was craned into place and then bolted securely I had to climb higher and higher to unhook the lifting chains. You can bet I was harnessed in safely and double checked the connections, I was totally safe - but it didn’t feel that way in the least. The toughest piece was the head of the giant rubber duck, here being craned into place. I carefully guided it into position and once the piece was secure I had to climb onto the bill and undo the chain. I had to adjust my harness so there was enough slack in the rope in order to reach the top of the head. Fifteen years later I still get the shakes when I remember how crazy that project was.

lifting duck head.png
Dan SawatzkyComment