Rainy day progress

With a spell of damp weather through the weekend it was the perfect time to do a little more work on my Sign Invitational entry. I decided to work on finishing the bottom section of the building first. I added a little more detail on the scooter and parked it right behind the no parking sign. An overflowing trash can was placed in this area as well to busy things up and add a little more interest to this front corner. Around back I built a doorway and fastened in the structure for the loading dock. I also managed a good portion of the brickwork on the lower section of the building. As I worked I was dreaming up more ideas of things I would soon add and also thinking about how we will paint the building when the time comes. It's going to be fun!

closeup of front lower story.png
back of building progress.png
progress september 8.png
Dan SawatzkyComment