First structural steel

The first floor concrete walls of the Hazelnut Inn get poured tomorrow. The construction crew had a busy day buttoning up the forms and checking everything twice to make sure everything was ready. That's very exciting news and a major step in the construction process. The pouring of the concrete walls also means the pressure is on to get ready for the next step which is the concrete floors on the lowest level of the inn. These preparations include the installation of the engineered structural steel on the castle suite. We first had to design and built a jig to hold the heavy steel members in place as the wall is to be curved. We measured everything out on the shop floor and then tabbed up the jig. The completed assembly was too large to fit out of the shop doors so everything was set up out in the parking lot for final assembly. Then the half inch thick 5" x 5" tubing was cut to length and forklifted into position on the jig. Cross members were cut and fitted before welding everything securely into place. We made good progress before quitting time and tomorrow it will be ready for next week's install.

castle structural steel.png