Back to school and then begin

After a little more than 27 years of sun and weather the 'Spirit of Chemainus' mural was badly faded but otherwise the paint has held up really well. Before I could begin work I first received the official and mandatory 'articulated lift device training' course. The in-depth course was a formality to update my certification. I've been operating similar machines for decades but was without current certification. Then, with the shiny new certificate in hand I could at last officially start the work on the mural. I made good progress on my first day, covering the sky, mountain background and about half of the sails with with base coats of colour. The mural brightened up immensely, already looking much more like it did more than a quarter century ago. Tomorrow, I'll strap on my safety harness once again and continue the work.

day one mural.png
Dan SawatzkyComment