Launching the ship

We've all heard the story of the fellow who built a giant ship in his workshop and then discovered there was no way to get it out of the door without some serious demolition. Today was the day we would see if the Hazelnut Inn ship would actually fit out the door of our shop. We had of course carefully measured the door and the ship hull as we built it. The unique challenge was that our shop has a round door. It's widest point is at about five feet off the floor. To squeeze the ship hull through we would have to lift it to that height - no mean feat for something this large and bulky! 

The solution was to borrow our neighbour's forklift for the task. Our good friends at Extreme Boat Sports were gracious and lent their forklift for the task. I drove it into the shop to pick up one end of the ship. Matt picked up the other end with our forklift. Peter and Janessa watched each side as we slowly eased it out of the door. There was a half inch of clearance on each side - just as we planned! :)

easing out of the door.png
ship launch.png