I heard the excavator start up as I tied my shoes this morning. Peter was already onsite giving last minute instructions to the contractor. We double checked a bunch of measurements and plans, then the work began for real. Our crew scrambled to move some existing fences and managed to keep ahead of the machines. It wasn't long before the skilled operator on the giant excavator had moved a whole lot of soil. We'll stockpile it at the back portion of the property until we need it to backfill. The geotechnical engineer was onsite before noon and after some testing gave everything his thumbs up. Then we started seeing the truck and trailers hauling the engineered fill onto the site as the crew began filling in the giant hole to make a perfect base for the footings. By quitting time the excavation and fill was almost half way done on the inn portion of the site. Tomorrow bright and early they will begin once more.

day one.png