It started with a ship

Just after we incorporated the company as the Imagination Corporation we took on a theme project in Alberta. This was the project where we began to learn to truly sculpt woodgrain and other effects into concrete. We had observed the finished result we were looking for in Toontown in Disneyland shortly before and had surmised how we might accomplish it. The armature was built in our shop and transported to the worksite. We had fabricated some crude carving tools of bent metal strips. once the ship was in place we towelled on the concrete, let it set up for a while and then tried some carving. It was too wet... so we waited and then tried again. Eventually, the concrete was set the right amount. I distinctly remember the magic that happened as the woodgrain appeared as we carved. It would take us many years of practice to truly master the craft of sculpting concrete but that exciting journey had begun.