It's TIME to have some fun!

The next Sign Invitational is still a long ways off. The chosen theme for the next contest is 'TIME. As is my style, however, I couldn't resist  sketching out a few ideas on the long plane ride home from the ISA EXPO in Orlando. I worked up three different detailed concepts before I settled on the one I loved... a clock factory. Building the model of the Hazelnut Inn over the last weeks really got me in the mood to create another model of a building. The structure will be done in my favourite cartoon style with plenty of references to 'TIME' of course. The name of the little factory is 'TIME KEEPER'. I'll lavish a ton of details throughout every bit of the tall and slightly wonky structure. There will be a whole lot to take in when I'm done. My goal is to have at least a few people down on their knees on the floor to see it all. When that happens I'll know I've succeeded.

So far I've done the design, fabricated the base, welded up the frame and fastened most of the backing board to it. I've made a few minor changes along the way but have adhered to the basic concept. More changes will inevitably come as I begin to work out the details on the piece.

While it seems I have a whole lot of time before the deadline, I know we'll get super busy in the coming months (it always seems to happen). I'll spend a few spare minutes at every opportunity in the next weeks and months to work on the piece - a little at a time. That way I get to enjoy every single  bit of the creative process without feeling rushed. I'll also not have to burn the midnight oil when the deadline does come. It's TIME to have some fun!

time keeper progress.png
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