Ancient history

I was going through some very old files and pictures this evening and came across concept art and photos of a model and a business plan I had created back in 1993. Back then, we were still dreaming of our first self owned and built themed project - an adventure golf. It was designed to tell a story of a logging operation, circa 1930. We did manage to build the project eventually although the design changed a great deal while we waited. Through our dreaming years we considered many building sites in many different locations. This early version of the plan was for the BC Forest Museum property in Duncan on Vancouver Island. The name of the facility changed many times as well to Tickleberry Ridge when we considered a property in Harrison, B.C. and finally to Giggle Ridge when it was built in 2000 in Cultus Lake. The archived plans and photos reminded me of how hard we worked and how patient we had to be to make our bold dreams come true.

model front.png
model side pic.png
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