Success at last!

I get few of the complex things in my life right the first time. This is especially true if I am doing something for the first time. Failure does not discourage me however. Rather, the failures teach me and fire up my resolve to get things right. This afternoon I went back to the shop and started repairing the little Jeep. I didn't like the way the Jeep turned tight corners and so some major modification was in order. The live rear axel made it want to go in a straight line rather than turn. I went through our parts bin and found an unused trailer wheel hub. A little measuring and designing was necessary to create a sturdy bracket to hold everything in position. The MultiCam plasma cutter made the required pieces in a jiffy! After fitting and adjusting things a few times I cut off one end of the old axle and then welded on the new free floating hub. I bolted the wheel back on and checked everything over carefully. I didn't want any critical pieces falling off on this trip. :) Then it was time for a test drive. The little Jeep now performed beautifully, able to turn tight corners effortlessly. It was success at last! Now it is time for the bright yellow paint job to match the full sized Jeep and maybe a padded seat to smooth out the bumps! 

Dan SawatzkyComment