Instant roof!

Framing a cone shaped roof has always been a challenge I thoroughly enjoy. In years past the process would involve lots of calculations, some tricky layouts, lots of measuring, making of patterns, and plenty of cutting with a jigsaw. With our MultiCam CNC router in our shop and powerful computer programs at our disposal things are a whole lot easier and faster these days. I did the layout in my comfortable chair at my desk. The computer program did the tricky calculations in a fraction of a second. Once the files were built and tool pathed I sent the files to the router. Then we loaded the plywood on the router and set it in motion. The twenty pieces were cut perfectly in minutes from three sheets of plywood, complete with slots in the bottom and top pieces to slide in the roof ribs. Then it was a simple matter of putting it together like a simple jigsaw puzzle. Everything fit perfectly the first time and I didn't even need a level or tape measure. The screw gun and a few handfuls of screws made everything permanent in a hurry. Building a cone shaped roof was just as much fun as the 'olden days' but without all of the hassle of days gone by.

tower roof.png