Sticking to the rules...

The first thing we do when we design project is carefully read the rules. Then it is time to creatively work within them. In the case of the Sign Invitational the build envelope is 2’ x 2’ x 6’ tall. I designed the clock factory to fit well within this envelope and it is in fact just under two inches short of six feet tall… if you measure the building. The water tower, chimney and radio tower go well above this height. My justification was simple. After working with building codes and bylaws for more than forty years with our real building projects I knew these items were exempt. I reasoned that since I was making a model of a building for my Sign Invitational entry these items should be exempt from the rulings in this case as well. Makes perfect sense to me. :)

building clock.png
building dec 1.png
Dan SawatzkyComment