An uplifting experience

The crane arrived bright and early this morning. We had a bunch of pieces to lift before the day was done. The first piece to be hooked up was the tree for the kids play area. It weighed in at a hefty 5,300 lbs which meant our crane guy could only stretch out 50 feet. That was about twenty feet short of it’s permanent home. We placed the tree on the sidewalk and then moved the crane next door. We would lift some other pieces for the Hazelnut Inn while we positioned the tree on it’s dolly wheels with the help of the forklift and the tractor and many sheets of 3/4 plywood to stop the machines from sinking into the soft grass. It took about an hour with quick work by the crew. The tree fort was lifted from the property next door as it was much lighter than the base and the distance was a little less than from our yard. Even so we had the crane stretched out as far as it could safely go with the load. With the tree fort now fully assembled and in place we can finish off the theme work soon. Juniper took notice of the new play structure immediately and after trying the slide many times gave her enthusiastic approval. Phoebe arrived home after school and smilingly nodded her approval pending the finishing of the inside of her private space up on top.

flying treehouse.png
tree fort flying into place.png
treehouse in place.png
Dan SawatzkyComment