Bucket, the robot

I love how our team works together. The resulting pieces are always much more than my original vision. Typically, I do the bulk of the concept work with some 'serious' input from Peter and Becke. The concept drawings are loose, leaving plenty of room for interpretation and improvements. Then the build begins, with only that first idea as inspiration. The realities of construction and structural integrity sometimes dictate small adjustments and further changes are done on the fly as the crew builds to a visual standard. It is one thing to design on a flat screen or piece of paper, quite another to build in the 3D physical world. When we get to the sculpting stage there is a lot of licence taken as we experiment with textures and form. Then the painting begins. Becke rules the day in this department and we have learned to trust her instincts. She and her talented crew layer the colours on and then the glazes, gradually building a masterpiece. 

The result of our teamwork from start to finish is always a delightful surprise and much better than any of us could accomplish by ourselves. 'Bucket', the robot, is now finished. Becke did the 'official' photoshoot today and he is truly magical!

bucket the robot.png
Dan SawatzkyComment