Hanging tree

The larger pieces we build in our shop are not fully assembled until they get to their final home. They are simply too big to fit in our workspace. The 18th hole feature at Skallywag Bay is such a feature. It was built in three very large sections, each just small enough to squeeze into a shipping container. These sections were assembled some months ago on site but the shaping of the ground around the tree and the concrete work took some time to complete. This past week when we were in Trinidad we did the final touchups and the photos could at last be taken of the finished tree. In the next couple of weeks the landscaping will be completed, the railings installed and the carpet golfing surface laid in place to truly finish things off. The final touch will be a hanging rope on the far left branch to help tell our story. The tree is the only one like it in the entire world

hangman's tree.png
Dan SawatzkyComment