Out in the sunshine

Today, at last it was time to pull Dayna's tree out of the shop and into the sunshine. While we took great care to light the shop to mimic outside conditions things always look different in the real light of day. I was pleased to see the colours pop as it came out of the shop. the shadows deepened and the textures became more evident - as we knew it would. The tree will look even better when it gets to it's final home and the landscaping is tucked around it.

Dayna's family have ben eagerly following the project through our posts on this journal and a number of emails filled with pictures of our progress. They are busy getting the park ready and are eagerly awaiting it's arrival. We are just as eager to see it's arrival there. In a few days it will be on it's way! 

dayna brooke sign outside 2.png
dayna brooke sign outside.png
Dan SawatzkyComment