Noise handles

We are working on a whole bunch of very cool but top secret projects in the shop right now but I can't show you those (quite yet). In the evenings I continue to put in a little time on the rail truck and am making great progress. This evening, I managed to squeeze in just enough time to design, cut, fabricate, and install the noise handles. These levers are to operate the bell and whistle. They are of course mounted between my seat and the sidecar where the grand children will ride. The bell lever is the handiest and I suspect it will get lots of use. A little further reach (by design) is the whistle lever. A good tug on this lever will trigger the compressed air valve and sound the whistle, which is much louder than the bell. It's going to be a whole lot of fun! The list of brackets and pieces yet to build is quickly getting shorter. Soon it will be time to get the rig on the tracks once more. I'll do up another video as soon as that happens.

noise handles.png
Dan Sawatzky