Getting a handle on things

The little rail truck is now road worthy and the bulk of the big fabricating is done which means I can turn my attention to the myriad of details which we have planned. This will be a rail truck like no other when we are done. The Johnson bar was already in place. this lever controls the forward and reverse functions of the variable speed transmission. Today's task was the brake lever. I had considered a brake pedal inside the cab but that would hide the best bits where no one would see them. In true steampunk style each lever, handle or knob needs to be over the top and on display as does the ornate bracket that supports it. I made three attempts at the design for the hand brake lever before I was happy. Then I set the plasma cutter in motion to create the magic. The pipe to house the control cable was fretted into the door panel. I still have to create the engine throttle which will be fit slightly above and behind the brake control. 

This morning as I showered I gave some thought to the other side of the cab, near the sidecar where the kids will ride... they need controls to work as well. I've decided to add dual levers which will hook to cables there - one for the bell and one for the whistle. That should keep the little ones entertained in grand style - and the entire neighbourhood amused as well.  :)

kid levers.jpg
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