Time for a tailgate party

After being delayed a week with an out of town trip I did a little more work on the rail truck this evening after supper. It was time to build the tailgate in the style of a 1930's truck, complete with the chains and hook to hold it open and closed. The parts took only a few minutes to design and the plasma cutting was even quicker. (I love our MultiCam plasma cutter!) The air cooled motor which will be positioned in the pick up box needs as much ventilation as possible so I decided to cut the railway logo into the tailgate. The name of the railway is the Persnickety and Doodle. Persnickety refers to Janis who is a stickler for the details. Doodle is a nod to my drawing passion. The number 2 is also my hidden signature (I am the second born in our family) Then it was time for a little grinding and welding. I bent up some hooks and cut some lengths of cain and then welded everything in place. The result was a very sturdy and functional tailgate at last! It was time for a tailgate party!

Dan SawatzkyComment