A four year adventure

Four years ago the adventure in Trinidad began in earnest as we began design work for Skallywag Bay Adventure Park. Three years ago we started building of the hundreds of features which would be transported to the island. Around the world other vendors began their work including the ride manufactures in Italy. Two years ago work began in earnest on the site. Through that time I have made more than a dozen visits to Trinidad for planning and to monitor the progress of the build. With this being the first ever theme park in that region, the learning curve was steep at times but progress has been steady.

I watched anxiously from afar for the most part, linking up with a video feed, and remote camera, through many, many Skype calls, many thousands of emails and photo updates, and too many phone calls to count. A couple times each week I have whipped up quick drawings to illustrate and explain how things should be arranged or put together. Building a theme park is quite unlike any other kind of construction. It has been a very challenging but fun build thus far. Now at last the icing is starting to go on the cake. The last of the retaining walls are in place and the final grades are being established and tamped into place. Rock work crews are on site doing the fantastical hardscapes. And the ride people are erecting the rides. Other crews who will put in the pools, the railroad, the landscaping and much more are standing by, waiting for their turn to work their magic and skill. It is looking like a theme park at last! In the next week or so I will make another journey to the site to do more layout and to supervise the removal of the last of the our features from the shipping containers.

I received pictures today of the Yardarm Twist in place. It is looking fabulous. Around the canopy of the ride are sixteen of the Gruffle characters who founded this unique place. Twister is the patron of the Yardarm Twist. He is featured on the sign which we will set in place when I go down to Trinidad soon.

Dan SawatzkyComment