All aboard for fun

While concept drawings are a very effective way to present ideas, dimensional models are even better. The customer can look at the idea from all angles and better visualize how it will fit into their park. A dimensional model also helps us work out the best way to build the full size project as well. We are working on a very fun idea for a customer right now. It is a series of small 'buildings' which will serve a variety of functions, from face painting, character meet and greet and small concession stands. Our idea was to build them as a 'mechanical circus' train. The cars are the animals. There are seven (or more) cars in all - each very colourful and unique. The drawings were a lot of fun to do but we decided to have a little more fun and build three of the cars as concept models. We'll show them in our booth at the International Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions EXPO in the fall as well. I first designed the routing files for the running gear and basic shapes. Then I hand sculpt the balance of the figures. We got a great start today.

Dan SawatzkyComment