Trinidad fun

There are few things more fun, exciting or challenging than building a theme park. Building a park that is half a world away from home makes it doubly so. 

I left home yesterday morning and arrived in Trinidad via Toronto at five this morning. We drove straight to the site and jumped in with both feet. There was plenty going on and everyone it seemed had questions that desperately needed answers.

One crew was working on the final levels of the kid's play park. I assisted them as they pulled the ship out of the mud hole it had been resting in and set the final grades before lifting the ship gingerly back in place. While they did the final tamping of the gravel in that area I jumped over to the first hole of the adventure golf and set the final grades there for the crew. Another team was busy installing the Pieces of Eight spinning coaster. Normally a relatively easy ride to install, it was complicated by the fact we had elevated the track twelve feet high on concrete piers with the Crow's Nest ride and some large rock work in the middle of the loops. It is going to be a very exciting ride. Two rock crews were busy with their work and scores of other workers were busy with all manners of tasks. 

Tomorrow morning we head back to the worksite bright and early. I'll be taking lots more pictures of the progress. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment