Green side up.

We've been on our small acreage in Yarrow for a little more than fourteen years. When we bought the property my dream was to have a large rolling lawn. Becke's passion for miniature horses (with Janis backing her up) meant the lawn was much smaller than I dreamed of for most of those years. With the horses now gone and the arrival of Becke's modular home it was time to redraw the boundaries of the lawn at last. We hauled in an incredible amount of fill to bring the new home foundation up to the specs which the municipality insisted on. Over the last weeks I have spent many hours on the tractor, and with a rake, shaping and smoothing the soil to blend the ground into the existing lawn we planted three years ago. Yesterday I measured up the bare space and ordered 6,000 square feet of turf. It arrived this morning. With the help of our hard working crew we got it down before noon. My directions were simple. GREEN SIDE UP! The 10,000 plus square feet of rolling lawn looks awesome! I can hardly wait to mow it!

Dan SawatzkyComment