Time to pack!

We've all had the challenge of packing for a vacation. The idea is to get as much stuff into as small a suitcase as possible. Packing a fifty-three foot semi-trailer is much the same - only on a much bigger scale. 

An important part of what we do is design ways to move, load and transport the pieces we build. We design safe and sturdy ways to do this while we are still in the design phase. With the next large delivery to NEBs now days away the work has shifted from production to getting ready for shipping. The six pub signs were mounted to  custom designed, oversized steel pallet. This same welded stand will carry the backs of the massive posts which will act as further ballast to keep everything upright for the 5,000 kilometre journey. The posts are mounted in pars on other custom built pallets. Ten concrete arches will also make the journey mounted back to back in pairs. A loading plan was carefully designed to fill the trailer in such a fashion as things slide in and out easily but don't wiggle on the way there. It is one more fun and challenging aspect of our job.

Dan SawatzkyComment