Another project complete.

Today we finished our work up at Cultus Lake Adventure Park. While their crew put the finishing touches to the new Boardwalk we did the last of the painting on our features below. Considering the boardwalk stretches more than two hundred feet around the golf they did only a teeny bit of damage to put in the many footings through the golf. In a few places repairs were necessary to blend the boardwalk into the existing golf. We added a few rocks, replaced some 'dirt' banks and added a few features. On hole nine we built some dynamite cases around the giant pylons and a plunger to set off the explosion - part of the legend of Giggle Ridge.  This Friday the park will be open for the first time this season. I suspect Phoebe and I will be there to have some fun - er make that do some research.  :) 

Dan SawatzkyComment