Three times as happy

We all have a happy place we like to go to. This place is where we are at peace, where we can dream of the future and the projects we might do. My happy place is on my ridem mower, cruising the yard while mowing the grass. Those who know me understand why my lawn is rolling, with no straight lines on it's edges. The lawn around the trees are large circles with bark mulch in the centre. The reason of course is that it is more interesting and FUN to mow a lawn like this - anything but boring.

Lately we've been hard at work in our yard with BIG changes in store. We are building the foundation for Becke's modular home where the horse barn used to be. Contrary to what you might think this meant the mowable area of the yard doubles in size and this was more than fine by me. The modular home arrives in a couple of weeks. We will then fine tune the grades of the yard. New sidewalks will be poured and turf will be laid. The tracks for the grampa railroad will at last be put into place around the perimeter - something I've dreamed of for more than a decade. With the twice as big lawn mow and the train to run my happy time will triple. It does't get better than that!

Dan SawatzkyComment