Home again.

A home based business and working with family isn't for everyone but it is how we have chosen to operate our business from the start, more than forty years ago. Our kids were always welcome in my studio as they grew up and the grand kids as well. We all work together on a daily basis and love doing so. Late last year we made the decision to have Becke (our daughter) locate her new modular home on our property. It arrived late last week. We did some major reshaping of the yard  to accommodate the new home as the city building regulations required the concrete pad to be four feet above the original grade. By summer, with sidewalks and landscaping complete it should look like it has always been there. Peter and Hailey (son and daughter in law) recently purchased the large lot next door (behind the modular) and will be building their new dream home soon, bringing us all closer than ever once again.

Dan SawatzkyComment