First inkling

With the new theme set for next year's Sign Invitational ideas flood into my brain as a fuzzy image gradually coming into focus. I already know what I want to accomplish, what the piece will generally look like and how it will function. This afternoon during a quick break in the show crowd I got out my sketchbook and began to draw. As I gathered my thoughts. I worked with a ballpoint pen and scribbled the idea onto paper. In a few minutes the idea took form. Much is yet to be worked out, research needs to be done and the pieces need to be drawn in a more precise scale. More pieces will be added along the way, and everything will be juggled and rearranged but I am well on the way to starting the build of my personal version of a 'marvellous machine'.  Stay tuned for further developments. To those who wish to enter their version drop me an email and we'll get you registered to have some fun too!

Dan SawatzkyComment