Train finished!

The Hillcrest Shops crew in California have been extremely busy with all manner of projects for the longest time but in-between they have squeezed us in to work on the Trinidad train. These guys are the best in the world at building theme park trains and we are very proud they worked on this project for us. Sean Bautista and his crew's task was to build the running gear and chassis for the engine and rail cars. Our task was to built the upper portion of the engine and cars to make it look like a pirate train. We did our separate jobs more than two thousand miles distant. When we finished our pieces we shipped them down to California and the Hillcrest gang set about joining the two shops work. These guys don't play around for everything they do is built to last decades of everyday service in a theme park setting. And they did a wonderful job. This evening I received a video of the train running under it's own power... it is pure magic! Hats off to our Hillcrest friends! I can hardly wait for the test drive in Trinidad in a short while!!!

Dan SawatzkyComment