Magically changing size

The features we build in the shop seem to grow exponentially as we build them. They start out as bare structures and gain form as we weld up the sub structures and pencil rod armatures. As we manually tie on the galvanized mesh they become more solid, With the application and sculpting of the concrete the features suddenly dominate the shop. The PNE's Playland control booth/sign is indeed massively heavy, requiring the combined efforts of the entire crew to move it in the shop. With the Flutterbye perched on top it towers sixteen feet tall and is about the same distance in length. 

Today, the crew finished the concrete sculpting, bringing it to full size. It looks monstrous in the shop. Even so we know the feature will seem to dramatically shrink as we move it out of the shop. In it's final home, parked next to a large amusement ride it will suddenly appear to be even smaller. Experience has taught us to take all of that into account as we design and build each piece. We are confident it will be the perfect size.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments