The first time.

One of the many things which Phoebe, our first grand daughter taught us and now our second, Juniper reminds us is the wonder of first discoveries. The first snowfall, bright lights, her reflection in the mirror, the moon, the stars and a million other things are wondrous in their eyes, especially as they see them for the first time. Today was a special day for Juniper as she discovered the joys of snow. Eating snow is fun as is walking in it. Sliding (when dad is working up a sweat pulling the sled) is the absolute best!

deep snow.png

As adults we often forget to take note of or take joy in these things. We forget to thoroughly enjoy what is all around us each and every day. We forget to make new discoveries as we rush around, simply being far too busy. As we get older fewer and fewer things grab our attention, create a sense of wonder or take our breath away. That's unfortunate.

As designers and creators of fanciful places meant to entertain, our most important job is to create those awesome experiences for a broad audience. We need to take people out of the 'normal' world and transport them to an imaginative place where we can all become childlike once more. 

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment