A change in direction

In 1998 our company was growing at it's fastest pace ever. We had well over twenty employees working on three large projects in three cities - a thousand miles apart. It was a fast paced schedule with Peter managing one of the projects and me managing two. The crew were fabulous and talented and hard working but I was suddenly doing a job I never imagined I would have to do. The bulk of my time was spent managing people rather than creating fun projects. I missed working with my hands. At this point we decided to purposely change the direction of our company. From this time on we would be driven by projects we loved rather than sales. Over the next year we gradually downsized the number of crew and started being much more selective about the projects we would take on. I would miss the 'dream team' we had gathered but in the process I would get to do more of what I loved most. It was a business lesson I will never forget.

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Dan SawatzkyComment