Work - life balance

When people see our considerable body of work I often get asked if I ever get a chance to relax or sleep. The answer is that while I love to work hard, and move fast, I also relax and get plenty of sleep. Our shop time is limited to eight hours a day - five days a week... with the exception of personal (non-paying) projects. That's my hobby. Janis & I seldom watch TV but most evenings we do enjoy sitting on our double recliner, together, with the dogs snuggled beside us. Janis' hobby is playing computer games. If I didn't get paid to do what I love I would still do it in the evenings. I am hardwired to create (non-stop) and so I often do a little reading, sketching or writing in the evenings when I am relaxing. We generally get a good seven or eight hours of sleep each night too. Although it is a real challenge to fit everything into 24 hours that we all get, Janis & I save a lot of time each day by working where we live. Because our shop (and work) is just out back in the yard we spend zero time commuting. That time really adds up for most people and that's our secret ingredient to getting plenty done each day and still have time for the family, for relaxing and also squeeze in a good night's sleep too.

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