Another tropical 'holiday'

Each time I head to the Caribbean to work on the project there my friends are jealous. They don't believe me when I inform them of the reality of the trip which is a day long journey to get there, three long days of work on site and then the red eye flight to return home. Instead they cling to their holiday vision of bright sunshine, cool drinks at the pool and lazing on beautiful sandy beaches. While the project is on a beautiful beach it does not live up to my friends' vision! Today was a national holiday in Trinidad and the site was very quiet. That made it the perfect day to dig up the temporary truck entrance to the site and install the myriad of pipes which will drain the putting greens of the adventure golf. We were on the road at 6:00 and It was a genuine tropical monsoon (with warm rain) for much of the day. As a result it was extremely muddy and wet. But our small crew soldiered on and we managed to get the drainage in for fourteen holes. In ten days I'll return for another Caribbean 'holiday' to supervise the last of the groundwork on site. 

laying pipe5.png
Dan SawatzkyComment