Race to the finish

It is always exciting to see a theme park being born - especially as the finish clock winds down and the opening day quickly approaches. On those last days a construction site transforms into a finished park in seemingly amazing speed. Concrete walls give way to theme work. Greys give way to bright colours and dirt and gravel are replaced with welcoming walkways. The landscaping is always near the end and that marks the biggest change of all as the hardscape is softened and greed up. Even though I knew what to expect as I arrived this visit I was amazed to see the rapid progress on Skallywag Bay. The beautiful rock work (by Trent and team of Wavestone Sculpture) is ready for paint, the pools are almost complete and the paint and thatch is well underway on the train station, We are working hard on the final grades of the adventure golf. Elsewhere in the park many teams are labouring hard and making fabulous progress. It will be some time yet before we are done but the countdown is definitely on...

pool, trents rocks and train station.png
Dan SawatzkyComment