The shop of dreams

In 2004 Imagination Corporation had been in operation for twelve years. With the success of Giggle Ridge, word was rapidly spreading and we were getting calls from folks who wanted similar facilities. We desperately needed some land for a real workshop, with room to grow in the future. We found the perfect small acreage in the tiny farming community of Yarrow, British Columbia (actually part of the larger city of Chilliwack) The property had an old farmhouse in which we would live until we could build a new one. Most importantly, it had plenty of room for the new shop. I quickly drew up the plans and showed them to Janis.

Janis took a quick look at the drawings and shook her head. I was at first disappointed but then surprised at her comments which followed. She told me to go back to the drawing board and make it bigger, make it better and make it the shop of my dreams. The new house would wait a little longer.

We opted for a poured concrete structure, using insulated concrete forms. This would make the new shop fireproof, energy efficient and most importantly soundproof. Inside and out, the studio and shop would be a showcase of our work. We finished the inside of the shop in September, 2004 and moved in. The outside would be finished the following year, after we did some more customer's work.

Dan SawatzkyComment