The first

Our first large theme project was almost 30 years ago. I was asked to create a large archway which would be the grand entrance to what was planned as the Pacific Rim Artisan Village.  The arch structure was about thirty-eight feet tall and about sixty feet wide. It was a massive undertaking for someone who had never done such a project before. I enthusiastically accepted the job even though I had no idea of how we would be able to pull it off. But as always, with the help of family and friends the seemingly impossible job was done. Amazingly, we would complete the project on schedule, in just over thirty days. The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. The arch stands proud to this day. This turned out to be the project that taught me much about welded structural steel structures and sculpting a thin concrete decorative shell over them. Sadly, the Pacific Rim Artisan Village project never was completed but that valuable experience propelled me to an exciting and challenging way to make a living.

Dan SawatzkyComment