Number and sign

I spent a good part of my day at the dining room table. I was signing limited edition prints of a Climax geared locomotive. The prints are to be sold in an effort to raise money to restore the locomotive. I donated my time and the rights of the drawing.

As I sat signing the 200 prints many memories came back to me of when I first started my art career. It was back around 1979 that I produced my first limited edition prints which were a series of five old barns. I had done the five original drawings and then had the prints done. There were 200 of each print. I signed them at our dining room table. I remember commenting to my mother-in-law about how there was $40,000 dollars sitting on the table (the retail value of those prints) She smiled and shared some wisdom with me. Her brief comment was "They are only worth that when you sell them." It was her way of reminding me to not count the money until it was in my hand. The truth was that I only got half that $20.00 each when I sold them wholesale to the galleries. I also had to buy the gas to drive around and deliver them plus all of the other costs involved. Some of that edition sold out but I still have a few of those prints to this day. My mother-in-law was very correct with her comment.

Over the years we produced more than 130 editions of prints, meaning I numbered and signed many thousands of prints. They helped us make a good living for many years. If you are interested in buying a copy of the limited edition print contact the BC Forest Discovery Centre.

Dan SawatzkyComment