Pulling an all nighter in Trinidad

Save for international business travel it has been decades since we pulled an all nighter on one of our projects. With proper scheduling and reasonable deadlines it isn't necessary in our business. But on the construction sites of our customers it is occasionally done. In Trinidad they poured the six thousand square foot second floor slab of the main building yesterday. With heavy day traffic in the streets of the city and high temperatures during daylight hours, the way it is every day in that Caribbean country, they opted for a night pour. I was sleeping soundly in my own bed at home but I did receive reports and photos of the project. Things went smoothly and another major milestone in the creation of Scallywag Bay Adventure Park has now been achieved. I'll be on the way to Trinidad to check it all out later today (and will pull an all nighter on the plane). I can hardly wait!

Dan SawatzkyComment