Memory lane 1

Today I was going through some archived DVD's from years past and I came across many things now just a faded memory. As I browsed images and drawings from back then I realized how many projects never made it past the concept stage. In the late 90's we were busy working on the massive West Edmonton Mall project, putting a new face on many of the attractions. One attraction we did a bunch of design for was the Deep Sea attraction. The mall management wanted to replace the submarines with some other attraction and some submerged glass tunnels were the idea of the day. Our job was to come up with the theme. As I recall the idea was to put an elevator at the end of the existing submarine dock which would take people down to the glass tunnel walkway through the five acre lagoon. The theme was to be a steampunk look with oversized mechanical components. The theme was to extend to the bridge over the lagoon as well. Some of the ideas were salvaged for the Sea life Caverns and the ticket booth for the submarine ride but most stayed on the drawing board for another day

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