Running business errands in style

Whenever I travel to the USA I get asked how we manage to survive the long cold winters in Canada. The truth is that in the southwest corner of Canada where we choose to live we don't get much winter. It can occasionally snow but it doesn't last long when it does. In the last two winters I haven't had to plow our driveway once and I love any excuse to get on our trusty tractor to do the job. This past year has been particularly mild. I mowed the lawn for the first time in mid-January and now have to mow it twice a week to keep up with the lush growth. In the last few days the the local farmers have started to harvest the first cut of grass from the fields. Yesterday was the first day of a good long stretch of sun and warm temps promised by the weatherman. I couldn't resist putting the half doors on the Jeep and pulling off the top. It was a pleasure to run some business errands in town today with a high of 26 C (78.8 F) on the truck thermometer. The surrounding high mountains still sport a beautiful coat of snow and it is unbelievably beautiful!. 

Dan SawatzkyComment