Working in the Toronto office

The trip to Trinidad was a busy one and very short...  It felt like one very, very long day. :)  I left home on Tuesday morning just after 8:00 am, arrived in Trinidad at 6:00 am on Wednesday. The day was filled with onsite meetings and an evening meal with the clients discussing the project. After a few hours sleep we left for the airport at 3:00 am Thursday (today), arriving in Toronto around lunch time.  A long layover and further weather delay means I am sitting in the airport until 7:00 pm this evening before arriving in Vancouver at 9:00 pm... home around 11:00 tonight. I'll spend the afternoon in the Toronto 'office' ((airport waiting room) doing a little work at my laptop. The trip was very worthwhile, even though a bit exhausting. I think I'll sleep in a little tomorrow. Thankfully, it's a long weekend!

Dan SawatzkyComment