The magic of paint

It is fun to design and route the name plaques for the workshops. Each one I design is unique. The real magic, however, happens when it gets to Becke. She looks at each plaque (which is a surprise) and then works out a paint scheme in her head. With some she got to a range of colours and techniques she has tried before and knows will look stunning. Sometimes the plaque sparks a new idea to try. Each time Becke has a clear vision of what the end result will be.

It starts with a coat of primer. We use a special water based primer that is lick like a heavy cream. This is brushed on with a small brush, purposely leaving brush strokes behind. Then comes the base color, always a fairly light hue and always three coats - all put on with a brush. 

The glazes are next, custom selected and mixed for each project.

Once the glazes are on and dry Becke works her magic on the lettering,.. first painting and then skillfully dry brushing on some highlights and shadows. Pure magic every time!

Dan SawatzkyComment