Our team created  the Galaxyland theme in the amusement park at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada. It took five years of full time work during the late 90's. During that time it was the largest mall and entertainment center in the world. I always looked in wonder at the five acre indoor water park. While the park was amazing, what made it so unusual was the fact that during the very cold winter months, the temperature inside the waterpark was a balmy 80 degrees with very high humidity. Outside the glass roof it was a bitterly cold, minus 40 degrees.

Yesterday, I walked through the Mall of Dubai. The mall itself looked like many malls I've been in through the years, albeit much larger. What made it remarkable to me however, was the opposite of West Edmond Mall. Dubai is well noted for it's hot summer temperatures of well over a hundred degrees with extreme humidity. But inside the mall is the massive attraction - Ski Dubai, complete with sub zero temperatures and penguins (of course). 

Dan SawatzkyComment