Dubai - day one

Dubai is an amazing city. I have had no time for site seeing but did manage this picture of a small part of the city as we travelled at full speed to the worksite.

I have no pictures to share yet of the work there but I can give a description. Imagine a massive theme park project in the final week of preparation. Ten thousand workers and related machinery are everywhere and everything, it seems, is not quite finished. I found everyone very friendly and helpful as I sourced the things I needed, even though many of the workers speak a variety of languages (except english). The site is still very much a construction zone with thousands of pieces of every conceivable shape and size being lifted into position and bolted down. Many areas are under tarps but these are quickly coming down as some workers are vainly trying their best to do a thorough clean in preparation for final paint and sealers.  

After a somewhat confusing start I am now able to find my way around the massive site and look forward to another busy day tomorrow.

Dan SawatzkyComment