Second try - a little closer

There were a few ideas we liked about yesterday's first pass on next year's IAAPA EXPO booth. But there was also lots of reasons to give it another go. We decided the flying scooter had merit as did the general shape of the booth and canopy. But the rest was going to say bye-bye for this project. 

We are strongly leaning towards a ten by twenty foot booth next time we are at the show. That would allow us to incorporate a few more ideas without dramatically increasing our costs. The challenge was to keep the shipping pallet within the dimensions of ten feet long by seven feet wide by eight feet tall. We would use a variety of materials to keep it down to approximately the same weight as this year. And of course we called ourselves to make assembly and takedown at the show as quick as this year too (within an hour).

After much discussion we decided to go full blast industrial-mechanical theme - just for fun. We still have much to work out and there are many refinements to make but it may just be a little closer to what we end up with. It's going to be fun for sure!

Dan SawatzkyComment