Living a themed experience

Our industry is all about story telling and immersing our guests into an experience. Today, we had the genuine pleasure of being guided through much of Universal Studios in Orlando by a good friend. We thoroughly enjoyed peeking behind the scenes at the magic and also touring some of the big new attractions. They were awesome! But the highlight of the day was an experience most guests don't take the time to enjoy. Our friend encouraged us to take in the dinosaur photo opportunity. The signage was minimal and the lineup was a small hidden trail leading off the main path. Each group was encouraged to stand near the fence, behind which a raptor was 'caged'. We watched the guests interaction as we waited. By the time it was our turn we had figured out what would happen and even how the illusion was pulled off. But when we stood by the fence for our photo, our state of unbelief instantly vanished. Our guest host skillfully captured our attention as he posed us and then the dinosaur behind us took full control and made the situation fully believable. This is themed entertainment at it's very best!

Dan SawatzkyComment